High Ranking Officers


  2019 Vice Admiral Ioannis Paxivanakis Hellenic Navy and Lieutenant Colonel, Christos Anastasiadis, Hellenic Airforce
  2018 Lieutenant General Nikolaos Dimitrios Christopoulos, Chief of Staff of the H.N.D.G.S. and Major Nikolaos Gogousis, Public Relations Directorate of the H.N.D.G.S.
  2017 Lieutenant General Konstantinos Floros and Lieutenant Colonel Christos Anastasiadis from Hellenic National Defence Forces
 2016 Lieutenant General Konstantinos Gkatzogiannis and Lieutenant Colonel Konstantinos Vasilopoulos
2015 Lieutenant  Georgios Paraschopoulos and Colonel  Konstantinos Vasilopoulos from the Hellenic Defence Forces
2014 Lieutenant General Georgios Petkos and Colonel Athanasios Zafiropoulos from the Hellenic Defence Forces
2013 Vice Admiral Alexandros Theodosiou and Commander Georgios Pelekanos from the Hellenic Defence Forces
2012 Rear Admiral Evangelos Apostolakis, Chief of the Staff Hellenic National Defense General Staff
Colonel Zisis Krachtoudis from the Hellenic Defence Forces
2010 Hellenic  Armed  Forces  Defence  Attache   in Australia Colonel  Georgios  Bexlivanis
2009 Deputy  Chief of  the Hellenic  Armed  Forces Lieutenant  General  Konstantinos  Kalamatas
Hellenic Airforce and  aide  Commander  Leonida Tsiantoulas  Hellenic Navy.
2008 Major  General  Daniel  Sinanoglou  and  the aide  Lieutenant  Commander Efstathios  Kyriakidis.
2007 Major General Georgios Mouroutsos  and  Lieutenant Commander Efstathios Kyriakidis
2006 B’ Deputy  Chief  of  Hellenic National Defence Forces  Lieutenant General  Margaritis  Mouzas
Lieutenant  Commander  Anastasios  Mihelis
2005 Major  General  Dionisios  Theodoritsis
Group Captain  Kostantinos  Iatridis
2004 Major  General  Giorgios  Giannatos
Lieutenant  Commander  Antonis  Kontopidis
Sub Lieutenant  Kostantinos  Xydas
2003 Major  General  Vasilios  Golemis
Brigadier  General  Christos  Dellas
Colonel  Georgios  Baxevanis
2002 A’ Deputy  Chief  of  Hellenic National  Defence  Forces  Vice  Admiral  Kostantinos  Nikitiadis
Major  Kostantinos  Solkidis
2001 Vice  Admiral  Dimosthenis  Rapantzikos
Major  Kostantinos  Solkidis
2000 Lieutenant  General   Panagiotis  Harvalas
Group  Captain  Stergios  Papotis
1999 Lieutenant  General  Efthimios  Petinis
1998 Major  General  Georgios  Manioudakis
Lieutenant  Commander  Kostantinos  Matalas
1997 Major  General  Aristidis Stamboulis
Group Captain  Ioannis Sassalos
1996 Lieutenant  General  Theodoros  Kanelos
Group  Captain Nikolaos  Stathias
1995 Lieutenant General Dimitris  Manouras
Major General Efthimios  Petinis
Lieutenant  Commander  Kostantinos  Tsiflidis
Captain  Athanasios  Kosmopoulos
1994 Lieutenant  General  Giorgios  Skarlatos
Flight Lieutenant Giorgis Veldekos
Rear Admiral Ioannis  Leonidas
Rear  Admiral Leonidas Palaiogiorgis
Group Captain  Christos  Pallis
1993 Major  General  Anastasios  Glikofridis
1992 Chief  of  Hellenic National Defence Forces  General  Ioannis Verivakis
Major  Antonis Tsatsaronis
Flight Lieutenant Georgios  Beldekos
Hellenic  Government  Presidential Guard ( Squad  of  20 )
1991 Vice Admiral Ioannis  Stangas
Lieutenant  Colonel  Ioannis  Mastorakis
Group Captain Nikolaos Mitilinakis
1990 Major  General  Mathew  Halkiadakis
1989 Major General  Theodosios  Fegeroglou
Colonel  Georgios Nikola
1988 Major General  Nikolaos Bozonis
Captain  Panagiotis Koutsobopoulos
1987 Major  General  Dimitrios  Kyriazopoulos
1986 Major General  Manuel Perissakis
Captain  Ioannis  Stagkas
1985 Major  General  Dimitrios Zisis
Vice  Colonel  Stylianos  Petroulakis
1984 Major General Angelos Lazaris
Rear  Admiral Ilias  Perissakis
1983 Major General Evangelos  Sanidas
Colonel  Nikolaos Stapas
1982 Lieutenant  General   Nikolaos  Baltas
Captain Athanasios Kantas
1981 Major  General Ricardo  Kapelos
Wing Commander  Panagiotis Grafakos
1980 Lieutenant  General  Harilaos  Tsepapadakis
Vice Captain Nikolaos  Papas
1979 General  Spiros Markopoulos
General Ioannis  Korkas
1978 General   Vasilios   Kourkafas

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