The aims and objectives of the Cretan Federation of Australia and New Zealand:

  • To successfully program and execute the commemorative anniversary activities of the Battle of Crete on an Annual Basis
  • To invite on a Bi-Annual Basis Musical – Dance Company’s for the entertainment of the members of the Federation. Members of the Federation have the obligation to ignore any other Musical Group that has visited the country without its consent.
  • The better co-ordination of all Cretan Organisations of the Oceania region.
  • The promotion and enhancement of the problems and issues relating to the Cretan people of Australia & New Zealand.
  • The collaboration and further co-operation of the Federation with the Greek, Australian and New Zealand, Consulates , Embassy, Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia and Government bodies nationwide, as well as all the Greek and Australian War veteran associations.
  • The Co-operation with other Cretan Unions & Federations worldwide and ultimately forming the International Cretan Council.

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